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Bowling is one of the most popular and widespread private Olympics sports. Although some adjustments are made to the sport in proportion to players with intellectual disabilities, most of these players are racing under the same rules and conditions governing professional players.
In addition to traditional singles and doubles competitions, Special Olympics also offers competitions for low-skill players, allowing them to train and compete in the basic skills of the sport. Therefore, these basic skills have to be developed before proceeding to the matches.
These individual skills include goal and frame competitions.
Special Olympics athletes can also participate in doubles and doublesports competitions. Unified Sports is a special Olympics program that involves the participation of special Olympics athletes and players in uniform teams for training and participation in competitions. In the Unified Sports Bowling, the doubles consist of a special Olympics player and partner; the team consists of special Olympics players and partners. Team members are authorized to pay in accordance with any arrangement.
In all Special Olympics sports, players are divided into groups according to levels of ability, age and gender.


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