The conclusion of the activities of the intensive training course to prepare African trainers in Cairo:

The BFA announced the conclusion of the first intensive training course to prepare African trainers In Cairo on the 11th of February, at the Bowling Center in the Republican Guard House.

Mr. Farouk Haridi – President of the BFA thanked Sheikh/ Talal Muhammad Al-Sabah- President of the IBF, as this course promises a special support from him to develop the sport in the African continent .

At the end of the course, the Ministry of Tourism organized a special celebration for the trainees on the Nile River, and the BFA presented certificates of passing the course to the trainees.

The Secretary-General, Mr. Sharif, confirmed that it was a successful course , with the testimony of all attendees .

Mr. Mahmoud Mustafa stated that “ we all work as one team for the success of the course and work on the comfort of the guests. I sincerely thank the President of the IBF Sheikh / Talal, and the President of the BFA Mr. Farouk Haridi, for supporting the course financially and morally, which motivated him to make more effort required for the success of the course.

Special thanks to all success partners, all colleagues in the federation administratively and financially

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